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With years of experience within the field of industrial engineering, Abstel-Glyde have the skills and expertise to handle your industrial engineering project. We have worked with numerous clients, both in Australia and in New Zealand, and are committed to delivering fantastic, tailored results. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you with your industrial engineering needs.

Specialist engineering - previous experience

  • Heat & Electrical Efficiency

    Energy Audits

    Energy Audits and Preliminary design recommendations on behalf of major power suppliers for various Industrial users.

  • Glass Manufacture

    Glass Dryers

    Review of Glass kilns and heat emissions in line with Environmental compliance for Health, Safety and Employment legislation.

  • Financial Sector Engineering/Cost Analysis

    Financial Sector Engineering/Cost Analysis (I)

    Strategic Planning and development of Financial/Cost models for the Trading Banks Information Processing facilities utilising process engineering principles. Development of strategic analysis for Information technology requirements for the Financial sector.

  • Industrial Star Frame Buildings

    Computerised Service Centre

    Development and design of Computerised Network Centre aligned with Banking, Real Estate and Services sector. Main functions included the design of the Computer cabinets and installations utilising telecom and internet facilities.
    Design, construction and installation of Industrial warehouse and steel frame buildings

  • Ventilation Systems

    Laboratory Spraying facility

    Systems include HVAC for Offices & Laboratories and the design and installation of Hazardous Storage and Fume Extraction systems including for delicate handling in a world renowned laboratory through to spray painting systems. Scrubbing and Treatment of Industrial Fumes also covered.

  • Packaging Equipment Development

    Development of Packaging lines

    Development and design of packaging lines and systems including Robotic palletisers, weighing, packaging and filling and wrapping facilities. This original development included the use of servo drives, PLC control and was a new product for the manufacturing industry. Development of several packaging/palletising lines.

  • Urban Design

    Urban design

    Detailed mechanical design of street lighting and furniture and building services for large scale community projects. Engineering liaison with professional urban designers.

  • Waste Treatment

    Waste Treatment

    Design and detailing of process structural members for the aerobic sewerage treatment plant. Issue of compliance certification and designs for Waste treatment facilities.

Food - previous experience

  • Fruit Juice Processing

    Juice Processing Plant

    Implementation including Civil/Structural, Piping and Instrumentation for enhanced Front Processing and Ultrafiltration capability of Juice Production facility. ($2m) Process information system review to link real-time process data to business systems

  • Dairy Industry

    Butter Factory Upgrade (I)

    Engineering design and site works for the Programming and site services on a Butter factory upgrade. Automation and Cool storage to dairy standards.

  • Tanks and Process Vessels

    Design, Construction and Commissioning of many Tank storage systems across Food and Beverage, Chemical and Oil and Gas industries including FRP, Steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel tanks from Bulk tank farms through to small standalone units.

  • Drink and Can Processing

    Energy Audit

    Process flow arrangements and Energy Audit of Process Plant and Utilities at drink processing and canning facilities. Process control and efficiency improvements to continuous processes.

  • Meat & Soup Factory

    Food Grade Production Facilities

    Preliminary design and detailing for dried Meat Processing. Mechanical lift certification. Refrigeration and Chilling Cost feasibility studies. Design and implementation of registered meat and soup powder processing facility.

  • Powdered Drinks Factory

    Food Grade Production Facilities

    The Project Management and Engineering design, procurement and installation of Dry Fruit Drinks Production Plant. Work included construction to Food grade standard, Refrigeration units, Process design and Automation, Pneumatic conveying and Packing lines. ($4m)

  • Wine Manufacturing/Bottling Facility

    Wine Processing Facilities

    The Project Management and Engineering design for storage tank farms and internal mezzanine for bottling hall areas.

  • Meat and Vegetable

    Process efficiency

    Proposals and preliminary design for Process efficiency changes within meat and vegetable plants.

  • Coffee Plant

    Food Grade Production Facilities

    The Project Management and Engineering design, procurement and installation of imported Coffee Production Plant. Work included Design and construction to international food grade standards including, Conveyors, Structures, Automation. ($3m)